Lynda Hyde

Lynda Hyde’s artistic career spans four diverse decades, excelling as an artist, On leaving school she trained in drafting, leading to a fascination with the geometric form, Modernism and colour, which she has explored through painting and printmaking since the 1970’s.

Her current focus is in the use of visual deception, optical depth and the perception of movement, a fascinating intersection of Op Art, Colour Field and Hard-edge Painting.

Lynda’s paintings build on the work of early European pioneers in the field of perceptual abstraction; Victor Vasarely and Zanis Waldheims.

Victor Vaserly (1906-1997) is widely regarded as the grandfather of the 1960’s movement Op Art, short for Optical Art. His optically complex and illusionistic paintings play with perspective, movement and depth appearing to bulge and swirl before the viewer.