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Pav Spencer

Pavla’s creative life started early but over the years has had many different forms.

Pavla took the commercial art road for many years, but always yearned to break free of the constraints it put her under.

Pavla recalls, “It was the encouragement of my friendships that helped me build up the courage to awaken my soul, and put paint to canvas.”

Her work is deeply intuitive, and gathers so much from just by being truly present and grasping the endless experiences in her day to day life, be that family, heritage, she believes each new day and everything that happens around is inspiration that informs her work.

Pavla’s work is a curious contradiction, complex and simple, confronting and approachable, fun and serious.

Her passion for art and design is fundamentally driven by a love of all things creative. She is an avid inspirational and imaginative experimenter, and her strong and colourful work is an expression of that. Pav feels most authentically herself when she is getting her hands dirty in the studio. “Art simply makes me happier” she says; ”I have always found it easier to express myself through painting rather than word.”

This is clearly reflected in her artistic style, which is bold, fun, unapologetic and playful.

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