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Make Any Room Come Alive!

Make any room come alive with this beautiful example of “Snake Vine Dreaming” by the legendary Judy Watson Napangardi. This vibrant, stunning combination of colours, provides the viewer with immense positivity through visual sensory overload. This is a must have for any collection, enquire now! Don’t forget, Anala Art Advisory is now offering Art Money. […]

Welcome Ben Tankard

Anala Art Advisory would like to introduce you to Ben Tankard. I had the pleasure of spending some time at Ben’s studio in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. Using Acrylic on Canvas, Ben is able to take the viewer back in time with his visually stunning and vibrant interpretations of classic paper back novels. […]

“A Generation of Ink”

In 1969 there were only three tattoo studios in Sydney and two out in the Western Suburbs. Back in those days, it was viewed that only criminals, bikies or sailors got tattoo’s, with the assumption that you were bad or had been in trouble with the law. These days there are more than fifty Tattoo […]

Welcome Kelly-Anne Love

It is with enormous pleasure that Anala Art Advisory welcomes Kelly-Anne Love. Kelly-Anne Love was the child that was always experimenting and playing with art and craft or whatever she could get her hands on. Kelly was born in Australia but partly grew up in England and America. As an adult Kelly trekked through Nepal […]

“Pop Art needs no words”

Anala Art Advisory had the pleasure of being in attendance for what was a fantastic night at 19 Karen Contemporary Art Space. A great crowd was on hand for this vivid body of work. This eye catching collection is a celebration of all things pop. The luminosity that Johnny Romeo captures enables these images to […]

I Have a Bromley

The Barry and Anne Pang Collection took place on the 18th of October at Mossgreen Auction House Melbourne. With 26% sold by value and 78% sold by number, they achieved a total of $909,388 including buyers premium. This collection included a Ferrari, a Porsche Turbo, Blackman’s, Nolan’s, a Rick Amor study, a Ronnie Tjampitjinpa (not […]

Quality Art Stays Strong

Art continues to stay strong against the ebbs and flows of the so called top performing stock and shares. From the mid-1990s till January 2008 the world (and particularly the Australian economy) witnessed one of the longest, sustained financial booms in Western history. People had money to spend and spend they did. The Australian art […]

What is my Art Collection Worth?

If I had a dollar for every time a client asked me “What is my Art Collection Worth?’, I wouldn’t be in this game, well, maybe I still would, though put it this way, I would only need to sell one painting every 6 months. Allow me to set the record straight, your collection in […]

Well.., it did not disappoint…

The 30th of August saw the first session of the Peter Elliott Collection take place and yes, the Brett Whiteley piece that Anala Art Advisory shared with you earlier in August achieved a nice little price. With estimates of $400k – $600k, the Brett Whiteley work titled “The Arrival” – A Glimpse in the Botanical […]

D & H August Auction

Anala Art Advisory had a great night at the preview of the Deutscher and Hackett August Show. Works by Tim Storrier, Rosalie Gascoigne, Brett Whitley and Ben Quilty, to name a few, were on display at the Oxford Street gallery. A portion of the works for Wednesday’s auction has been named the “1st Capsule Collection […]

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