Darren White

Born and raised in a small coastal town in New Zealand, Darren has a very strong connection to the sea and has found this feeling remains when travelling around the globe.

Moving to the Sunshine Coast to attend university in Brisbane, the influence of architecture on the coastline has become a focal point within his work.

Darren paints primarily with acrylic on timber. The work he produces, although lined with a deeper feeling of loss, always aim to lighten the mood or space for the observer.

Always fascinated with imagery, Darren has spent his life drawing, photographing and painting. Deeply interested in creative thinking and its ability to solve problems, Darren furthered his education by completing a Bachelor of Industrial Design.

After over five years working in design, Darren wound down his career to dedicate more time to pursuing art.

“My artworks often speak to these emotions, expressing my fascination of places throughout the world, where the ocean disperses its energy onto a city edge. I draw upon these memories of “place” and feelings of nostalgia to create works that hopefully brings a sense of calm to the observer.

What interests me most about memories is that details are stripped back when we recall something, and instead, we allow ourselves to be guided by the feelings we felt at a particular moment.

The tones and colours I use, draw inspiration from the idea that a “grey” architectural plane is actually also reflecting the colours, however subtle, from the surrounding environment”.