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What is my Art Collection Worth?

If I had a dollar for every time a client asked me “What is my Art Collection Worth?’, I wouldn’t be in this game, well, maybe I still would, though put it this way, I would only need to sell one painting every 6 months.

Allow me to set the record straight, your collection in my opinion is worth a lot more than what you have paid for it.

Firstly, you should not have started your collection to put yourself in a certain or personified financial position, that’s what inherit wealth is for and not to mention gambling.

Art may be a gamble in some instances, though not if you are advised correctly.

Art and collecting art, in my opinion is a gamble of the heart. It is a passion buy…, a passion buy that with up to date information and of course applying your own due diligence, will bring you wealth in so many new and exciting ways. Wealth through happiness, fulfilment, achievement and of course pure pleasure.

I’m a great example…, I have works in my collection that cost me $1,000.00 and I have works in my collection that have cost me well over the $10,000.00 dollar mark…, some have almost cost me my marriage, which as we all know, is far more expensive. Though passion collecting does bring out those conversations (arguments, agreements) between husbands and wives and partners and friends…, though understanding someone’s passion…, will always ensure that you see the light of day in these situations.,., well let’s hope it does.

So I guess what I’m saying is.., don’t panic…, if shares or stocks are down, don’t look to your portfolio and think .., mmm, maybe I’ll sell the art…, remember…, art is a long term investment, not built for a short term gain.
Try not to put a price on your collection folks…, it is worth what you feel its worth, because to you.., the purchaser, the collector, the appreciator, it is worth everything!

Though if its facts and figures that you love.., I’m sure that you will love the information below.

Historically, the Australian Art market has lagged behind the global market by two years on average and with 2014 being the third best year on record for Australian Auction sales, it’s not surprising that we are seeing the upward trend continue. A great example…, just recently, 90.23% sold by lot and 136% sold by value for Bonham’s Vroom Collection which was held on the 6th of September 2015.

Year to date auction sales in Australia this year are $65.02 million. As a comparison, at the same date for the selected prior year of 2014 total sales were $56.32 million.

This is reflective of the high clearance rates at Australia’s major auction houses so far this year. Deutscher & Hackett, Sotheby’s, Bonham’s and most recently Menzies have all held auctions in the last six months that have exceeded expectations.

Below you will find the top 10 results so far for 2015
A$1,159,000 Nolan, Sidney
The Emu Hunt 1949
Enamel paint on composition board, 91.1 x 121.4 cm

A$1,104,545 Williams, Frederick (Fred) Ronald
Hillside II, 1968
Oil on canvas, 122.5 x 122.5 cm

A$884,500 Brack, Cecil John
First Daughter 1955
Oil on canvas on composition board, 75.5 x 55.4 cm

A$823,500 Boyd, Arthur
Bride in a Cup (1959)
Oil on muslin on composition board, 90.5 x 120 cm

A$797,727 Williams, Frederick (Fred) Ronald
Australian Landscape I, 1969
Oil on canvas, 121 x 152.5 cm

A$793,000 Whiteley, Brett
The Arrival – a Glimpse in the Botanical Gardens 1984
Oil, collage and charcoal on canvas, 107 x 92 cm

A$736,364 Smart, Frank Jeffrey
Pylon I, 2006
Oil on canvas, 75 x 110 cm

A$671,000 Smart, Frank Jeffrey
Morning Practice, Baia (1969)
Oil on canvas, 58 x 82 cm

A$671,000 Whiteley, Brett
Study for Kingfisher 1978
Oil and collage on composition board, 101.2 x 65.5 cm

A$644,318 Nolan, Sidney
Ned Kelly and Mounted Trooper, 1964
Oil on board, 152.5 x 122 cm

As always, Anala Art Advisory looks forward to any questions you may have regarding your next passion purchase.

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