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Zeina Saadie

Anala Art Advisory is honoured to welcome artist Zeina Saadie.
Zeina Saadie was born in Lebanon to a family of art collectors.
Surrounded by masterpieces since her childhood she developed an appreciation for colour, detail and composition.
Art became an obsession for Zeina and shaped her years, spending her time painting through the highs and lows.
She has a bachelor degree in Graphic design, and established her own design agency in Beirut.
Zeina moved to Sydney in 1999 and was introduced to the art of Brett Whiteley which she had an immediate fascination and connection with.
She studied nude & portrait at the Julian Ashton School then paused her artistic career when she became a mother.
After three kids all grown up and independent, Zeina is keen to immerse herself in the art scene with an insatiable need of joys to express, heartaches to heal and serenity to reach, all with some colour and a stretched canvas.
Anala Art Advisory will be showcasing Zeina’s latest body of work, for a one night only exclusive event on Thursday the 6th of April.

Stay tuned for further updates and a preview of her work.

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