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Australian Artworks

In recent years, art has become widely regarded as an alternate asset class, giving investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios. Yet due to the unique nature of art, it is important to be well informed on purchases.

Anala Art Advisory couples our client’s individual aesthetic interests with up-to-date market knowledge, to ensure their purchase is not only a sound financial investment, but also something they’ll love for years to come.

At Anala Art Advisory, we strongly believe that art should be hung, appreciated and enjoyed – our services also include curatorial direction and coordinating professional hanging to display our clients’ collections at their fullest potential.

Combined with passion and expertise, Anala Art Advisory is well positioned to guide the process of acquisition and help build important collections of Australian art for our clients.

Artwork Home Installations

Anala Art Advisory provides home installation services which is now in full demand for all of our collectors.

Our home bespoke service gives you the professional edge and curatorial, helping to display your art works to their full potential!

We will come to you and provide a private one-on-one inspection/viewing at your home. We will guide you throughout the process to ensure we hang your collection at its vibrant best!

Art Collection Home Installation Process

– We will personally meet at your desired location (eg home or office);
– Perform a visual analysis to identify the perfect location to hang artwork;
– Align centre and install high quality hardware to support artwork;
– Hang and level artwork using laser technology.

To book for appointment please visit our ‘contact‘ or call us on 0452 586 44.

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P.B. – Sydney NSW

I first met Anala Art Advisory at The Other Art Fair in 2018. Anala represented an artist I was unfamiliar with. After my discussion with Michael I decided to commission my first work – from this artist. Over the following weeks, and to my embarrassment, I realised just how much hard work I am as a client. Despite this, Michael was wonderful to deal with and very accommodating of my ideas for the commissioned work. The process was handled in an extremely professional way and by the time Michael said those necessary words, “it’s time to trust the artist” I had complete confidence in what Michael had conveyed. The end result was perfect. Added to that, Michael’s expertise came to the fore with a recommendation of other works he considered I might be interested in. When I traveled to the gallery the works were ready for me to view and I purchased them. I was amazed at just how much Michael had taken in about my likes and dislikes. His recommendation was perfect and the works were absolutely reflective of interests in art. Michael is exceptional at his craft, a thoroughly engaging professional and delightful person. I look forward to a long relationship with Michael and Anala Art Advisory.

J.C. – Leura NSW

Thank you Michael and Anala Art Advisory for all your insights into the art world. We have thoroughly enjoyed being introduced to many works by both established and emerging artists. A real highlight has been being able to meet and talk to many of the artists. We are also very impressed and grateful that you were able to source some pieces of art that we wanted, and we appreciated your professional eye when it came to hanging them in our home.

E.M. – Artarmon NSW

Thank you SO much for helping us so patiently and intelligently to get to a position where we felt comfortable to invest in the paintings. It is an interesting and beautiful piece of art which I appreciate more and more every day. I am so grateful that we stumbled into Anala Art Advisory after having a coffee across the road. We had just not managed to find anyone who understood what we need/were after until we met you. Both the paintings work so well and just add so much to the feel of our home. I look forward to working together on other pieces of art in the future.

“Blue Mountains Insider”

‘Anala Art Advisory is a “must visit” gallery for any art lover. Look out for both Australian and International Artists.

Pamela Noal JP

‘It was marvellous meeting you at our recent Rotary Club meeting as we enjoyed having you along as our guest. We are very appreciative of learning through your interesting presentation, aspects on art and appreciation with the mix of ages in your audience. Your talk was very well received and the Q/A segment is always a great guide aligning to interesting questions, answered with the flair of your knowledge for your work. Well done and thank you Michael.’ Pamela Noal JP, President, Lower Blue Mountains Rotary


‘It was Wonderful to stumble across your gallery, to meet you and hear of your Vision. and I’m thrilled with what this will create in our small Glenbrook community.’ All the best Mandy

Catherine – NSW

Thank you also for the time and excellent advice you’ve given us. You helped us identify and explore our taste and offered us a beautiful selection of works in line with that. We also appreciated the way you respected our budget (even when we didn’t respect it ourselves!) and guided us without ever pushing us towards a decision. We’re absolutely thrilled with the works we’ve chosen and know that we’ll continue to enjoy them into the future.
Thanks again and all the best,