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Christina Sun

Painter, Conceptual Artist

Christina Sun is a young and emerging artist who experiments with a hybrid of surrealist landscapes and hyperreal subject matter. Her works draw from the ambiguity of the dreamscape, incorporating themes from fairy tales, literature and childhood memories. Transforming canonical tales and anecdotes into vivid, hyperrealist impressions of object and space, Christina paints the process of maturation and growth, reflecting the process of traversing from the fleeting spontaneities of youth into the more sombre landscape of adulthood.

Heavily interested in contemporary research into human identity and our place in the world as elements of the milieu, Christina brings together a network of separate paintings that when read as a collective, indicate the complex narrative of universal human experiences.

Christina’s work aspires to unite individuals through shared connections, empirical experiences and natural transcendences associated with living and feeling.

Some of Works

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