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Anala Art Advisory welcomes Angie Goto…

Angie Goto is a Sydney based painter working in a Neo-Expressionist style, her approach is confident and unapologetic, informed by a unique perspective on this busy world we live in.

We are very pleased to have two artworks by Angie: ‘The Vision’ and ‘White Noise’, both of which are now available for exclusive viewing at Anala Art Advisory, 6 Ross Street Glenbrook.

Looking at Angie’s paintings, one is arrested by the naive female figures, executed with disregard for conventions of beauty or sexuality. There are multiple eyes, noses and mouths for each figure. They oscillate and play with our sense of perspective and reality. Looking beyond the figure one can read the title that Angie paints into each work, she is a generous artist who wants to draw you in and share the story behind the work. The stories are authentic, they speak of life experience and maturity.

Despite her works having an “unstudied” appearance, Angie skilfully and purposefully brings together a host of cultures, art techniques and styles to create a distinct visual collage. There is contrast in the mark-making: the layered and sanded areas, use of pattern, selected blocks of opaque colour, hand drawn lines and crisp red lines. Undertaken with knowledge and refinement, you can’t help but feel it is all done with a sense of joy. There is a delight in her art making process, as if each new artistic choice is one to dive into and relish.

It is has been a pleasure coming to know Angie and her work. As a person, she reflects her art: warm, confident and generous. We are pleased to welcome her to Anala and look forward to new and exciting works for the future.

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