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On a Seidler Note

Well…, that went quick!, the end of the first quarter on our doorstep…., so what do we have to show for it in this fabulous world of Australian Art?

As per the norm, December and January were very quiet all round…, so quiet in fact it sent shivers…, though as preached to me then put into practice, all the hard yards that were put in earlier came to fruition.After a slow start to the New Year, Anala Art Advisory was excited to bring you some new blood to the stable.
Cascading towards the end of January so quickly, I found I needed some fresh works from acclaimed Street Artist Campbell La Pun.
Campbell’s work has been embraced by all who see it, his use of stencil and spray paint incorporates the aesthetic of street art while referencing a modern equivalent of silkscreen used by the late pop art hero’s.
Each stencil or colour is painstakingly cut by hand appreciating the human made element, then painted after a furious shake and push of the nozzle to control a blast of paint.
With imagery and text that punch hard to provoke thought into commercialism and brand advertising, these works delve into the world of capitalism while tapping into our childhood memories, as perfect pop art does.., it also delivers conflict with our unconscious necessity for luxury and perceived success.

Campbell’s most recent success is documented in the latest edition of Prestige Magazine Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
As always though, as soon as things start to show promise, this happens…, February and $30 Billion wiped off the ASX!
The S&P/ASX 200 index dropped 95 points, or 1.6 per cent, to end the day at 6026, the worst day for the index since June 30 when it lost 96 points.
The declines was steeper for the broader All Ordinaries, which dropped 101 points, or 1.6 per cent, to 6128. The Australian dollar traded at US79.30c in late trading.
US stocks tumbled, bonds sold off and the US dollar rose following the US jobs data that was released after the Australian market close on Friday.
Investors took fright from the wage data that fed into fears of inflation and that interest rates may rise more quickly than markets are expecting.
What happened then you asked?…., well…, people purchased art!
There were some great buys around due to clients making the mistake of offloading some of their art works.
The biggest mistake clients can make is panic and the first items they think of to sell is the art work, quick fix band aid approach.
What happens though and is happening right now, clients contact me and try to get the pieces back, they will now be paying a higher premium and that’s even if the new owner wants to sell.
Remember.., it’s easy to purchase another share, though an original art work is hard to get, harder to let go of and impossible to replace.

March has been the start of so many special things…, firstly International Pop Artist Johnny Romeo.
Johnny Romeo has been a major spoke in the wheel, while providing some of the most electric neo-expressionistic works that are scorching up the Australian Art Market, he has also been
A driving force behind some of the hottest emerging talent in this country.
Johnny joined me this year as the Ambassador for ‘’Art in the Hills’’ art prize for 2018…, Anala Art Advisory was honoured to be the guest judge for this year’s prize.
Art in The Hills is the longest running art exhibition in the Hills District. Proudly presented by the Oakhill College Parents and Friends Association, the exhibition features more than 500 artworks in both traditional and modern styles. Authentic Aboriginal art, beautiful glassworks and amazing sculptures are also on display. All works in the exhibition are for sale.
Established in 2012, The Hills Prize runs in conjunction with the general art exhibition.
The $7 000 prize attracts entries from some of the best emerging and established artists in Australia. This acquisitive award sees the winning piece retained by Oakhill College.

This month also presented Anala Art Advisory with a very special opportunity.
One of Anala’s clients has been generous enough to offer their premises within their Harry Seidler designed building for the exclusive sneak peek into the Americana Works by artist Johnny Romeo.
This will be a one night only V.I.P event that will give the guests a preview of what will go to the Australian Consul Generals office in Manhattan, New York, New York this October, stay tuned for further information.

The Other Art Fair hit Sydney this month, still trying to find its feet in the toughest market, I feel it has made some great leaps forward.
Some positives from the fair include some exciting talent like, Artists Angie Goto, Clinton Gorst and the Hills Art Prize runner up Brad Teodoruk.
Put these names in your dairy folks, these artists are surely going to be the next driving force within the Australian Art Market and might even be visiting Anala Art Advisory sooner than expected.

There you have it, some highlights from the first quarter.
I look forward to seeing you at the gallery and of course keeping you up to date with the Australian Art Market and all it has to offer.

Happy buying!

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