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“A Generation of Ink”

In 1969 there were only three tattoo studios in Sydney and two out in the Western Suburbs.

Back in those days, it was viewed that only criminals, bikies or sailors got tattoo’s, with the assumption that you were bad or had been in trouble with the law.

These days there are more than fifty Tattoo studios in inner Sydney and almost one in every Westfield’s and shopping centre districts across the country.

The last ten years has seen an increase in “getting ink” like no other trend seen before, almost a generation of Australians have been marked…., marked with their favourite football team, an important date or some Chinese lettering…, that you have to take for granted in some cases.

With celebrities and the general public embracing the tattoo experience we see how almost a generation of Rugby League players, cricketers, comedians and entertainers alike all have been “inked.”

Artist Kelly-Anne Love is currently focused on completing “The Australiana Tattoo Series” Which she feels will be her most interesting body of work yet .

Her combination of Australian icons, celebrities and sporting personalities, combined with her vintage navy tattoo style, will represent her European heritage with inspiration from her Grandfather who was a sailor.

This body of work will tell a story that touches on her vision of the Australia of the past and of course speaks about the Australia that we are all living in today.

This will be a fun, fresh and vibrant show that I’m sure will appeal to all who have sense of humour and all who appreciate the story and journey that Kelly is on.

Stay tuned for more news and images leading up to the opening night, which will be held on Thursday the 10th of March, 6-8pm at PROJECT 504, 65 Berry Street, North Sydney.

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