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Art Emporium Clearance

The Sunday Art Emporium was a great success with a clearance rate of 70% by items.

Many of Sydney’s collectors were on hand to bid for the low estimate works.
On offer were Blue chip names like Tommy Watson, Norman Lindsay, Brett Whiteley, Ray Crooke and John Olsen.

These are names that will always draw a crowd if the piece is a good example of their work.

Collectors sometimes make the mistake of chasing a signature and these are the signatures that you would want in your collection, however its a buyer with a good eye and a emphasis on provenance that will come out of it very well in the longer term.

The low estimates that were on offer reflect a catalogue that has been carefully put together.
With the exception of Sidney Nolan’s piece “Landscape 1960” ($41k plus BP) and David Boyd’s Orchard and Red Earth” ($31k plus BP) many of the pieces were not over the $2k mark allowing buyers to acquire works well below their original price points…., quite rewarding for the collectors in the room on the day.

One piece that caught our attention was by Tommy Watson.., with estimates of $15-$20k, this piece did not sell…, why…?…, its certainly undervalued in our opinion…,primary pricing for a work of this size 120x200cm would leave you no change out of $35k.

So…,the questions that follow….,
Were there any Tommy Watson Collectors in the room on the day? and most importantly…, is it a good example of his work?

Anala Art Advisory can help you with these questions and many more, we will couple your individual aesthetic interests with up-to-date market knowledge, to ensure your purchase is not only a sound financial investment, but also something you will love for years to come.

Anala Art Advisory also offer’s auction advice and representation, negotiating the most advantageous sale terms during what is often a daunting experience for clientele.

Happy Buying!

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