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Auction Buying v Advisory Buying

An upcoming auction featuring Australian Indigenous & Oceanic Art will be held on the 21st of July.

It consists highly of baskets, shields, Tiwi Spears and collections of small carvings.

What it also consists of is a few of the most recognisable names in the Indigenous Art Market, such as:


Do Your Art Due Diligence

It all sounds too good to be true, big names, big mid-year auction, hoping to achieve big results. However having big names doesn’t always mean you are going to achieve the results you set out for.

Our Recommendation

What Anala Art Advisory always recommends when purchasing all Australian Art is that you always try to obtain the best example of the artist’s work, don’t chase a signature.

Sourcing your pieces from a hands on Art Advisor will ensure that you get the best buying for your dollar, without the buyers and sellers premium that is applied when sourcing through an auction house.

Auction House Can Be Risky

Sourcing your works through any auction house might allow you to achieve a good buy price now again, though at what cost aesthetically?

  • Never compromise on quality for a signature,
  • Sometimes too good to be true re price, is too good to be true,
  • Does the provenance have gaps?, if so, why?

It’s very important that you always do your homework on all purchases and if needs be enlist the services of an experienced Art Advisor to guide you through the auction process.

I for one will be watching this coming auction with heavy interest. It will be very, very interesting to see just what these particular pieces by these highly acclaimed and reputable artists will achieve.

Anala Art Advisory has direct access to some of the best examples of these artists works with provenance second to none.

Happy Buying!

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