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I Have a Bromley

The Barry and Anne Pang Collection took place on the 18th of October at Mossgreen Auction House Melbourne. With 26% sold by value and 78% sold by number, they achieved a total of $909,388 including buyers premium.

This collection included a Ferrari, a Porsche Turbo, Blackman’s, Nolan’s, a Rick Amor study, a Ronnie Tjampitjinpa (not a very good example) and did I mention 54 David Bromley’s! That’s right, 54!

What Investors Are Saying

David’s work is so renowned, that many people I speak to about art and the importance of exclusivity and obtaining a good example of the artists work, always seem to throw into the conversation, “I have a Bromley”. This is where I usually start to retreat out of the conversation and back track so quickly one would think I was moonwalking out of there.

The Nudes!

These days when I think of Bromley and his works a couple of things come to mind. Firstly, the nudes, painted with a black out line and in various colours, red or blue, take your pick, as long as its red or blue. You can also flick through any interior design magazine, any Sunday magazine from our newspapers or your local real estate catalogue and I’m very sure you will spot one.

Secondly, mass production, I feel that David was a victim of his own success, he was and very much still is a successful artist. Though the unfortunate things is, there are just too many of them around!

The nudes seemed to be tailor made for the Eastern suburbs of Sydney and the Macquarie crowd. Young masters of the universe back in the early beginnings of 2000, clients were fighting over the nudes.

Bromley is a Popular Choice

I believe that 70% of households in the Eastern suburbs either have a Bromley and CO on their wall or have been in the possession of one at some stage.

I remember when they used to sell between $15-$25k, these days, as the results came in from Mossgreen, you can pick up a great example of his nudes for as little as $2,000 for a 90x60cm or top end of $4,000 for 152x121cm.

It’s a shame really, I for one have met David and he is a great guy, though don’t worry, he is still doing very well.

Have an Element of Exclusivity

My point in all of this is to always try to achieve some element of exclusivity with all your purchases. This of course will add value to your work and create demand when there is no need for demand.

Exclusivity and having a good example of an artists work is a great place to invest your money with art.

Let Us Help

Anala Art Advisory will take you through the selection process of what is hot and what is not and put you in front of some of the most exclusive works in the Australian Market. Works that are not only stunning to look at, but are also some of the best examples that Australian art has to offer, from emerging, to mid-career, through to blue chip works.

By the way, for the record, I have a Bromley!

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