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The Luczo Family Collection

The Luczo Family Collection
at October 6, 2016 Categories Tags
naata-n-181x152cm-80-120kLast night at Deutscher and Hackett the preview of the Luczo family collection was underway.
School holidays may have kept the crowds away, though I feel that it may have been some of the examples of the art themselves.
I like to think that I was taught by one of the best in the business.
The gentleman in question does have a fantastic eye when it comes to Aboriginal pieces, hence why I have such a passion for the Indigenous Market and why I feel I also have a good eye for good examples of work.
The works shown are just those…,very good examples of work by artists I’m very, very familiar with.
I really hope that the estimates on many of the works live up to expectations, it’s great to see these quality works back in Australia.
We all know the indigenous market needs a kicker and I feel that these works shown are some of the ones to do just that.
I look forward to the night of the auction, Wednesday 19th of October, stay tuned for results.

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