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Welcome Kelly-Anne Love

It is with enormous pleasure that Anala Art Advisory welcomes Kelly-Anne Love.

Kelly-Anne Love was the child that was always experimenting and playing with art and craft or whatever she could get her hands on.

Kelly was born in Australia but partly grew up in England and America.

As an adult Kelly trekked through Nepal twice, lived in Los Angeles and India and in doing so, Kelly was always drawing from her experiences.

During her trips Kelly would write poetry and draw to keep connected to her artistic side.

In her twenties after settling on the Central coast Kelly realised she needed to get into the studio and start painting.

Kelly would discipline herself through the skill of meditation and would paint with no restrictions or preconceptions and allowed every experience in her life’s travels in, thus cascading into her work.

It was the start of letting go of the superficial and financial side of the art world and to find who she was as an artist and realising its about the thoughts and feelings that flow rhythmically into the brush and onwards to the paper, allowing the world to finally see and feel the way Kelly passionately sees and lives in this beautiful world of ours.

We all should take something from Kelly’s view point, take a breath, step back and really look at this beautiful world of ours…, it truly is a magical place and through these beautiful works, we can all experience the wonder.

Anala Art Advisory looks forward to all queries regarding Kelly’s beautiful works.

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