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Well.., it did not disappoint…

The 30th of August saw the first session of the Peter Elliott Collection take place and yes, the Brett Whiteley piece that Anala Art Advisory shared with you earlier in August achieved a nice little price.

With estimates of $400k – $600k, the Brett Whiteley work titled “The Arrival” – A Glimpse in the Botanical Gardens 1984, achieved $793,000 plus B.P

Looking as if Whiteley has taken the beautiful tree straight from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney and planted it in his studio. The piece resembles the lush surroundings that the gardens have on offer, along with the stunning colours, it reminds you of how this artist was able to capture the light and warmth that a Sydney Summer can provide.

In typical Whiteley movement, the lyrical style is true Whiteley at his best.

His distinctive style resonates throughout this stunning painting. It’s as if he couldn’t help him self with his movement. The swoosh of the bird is captured beautifully…,leaving a trail in which the viewer can trace the birds flight path within the painting.

Anala Art Advisory looks forward to the Leonard Joel Fine Art Auction which takes place on the 15th of September in Melbourne.

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